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We're proud of the friendly, knowledgable travel team we've built over the years. Our team currently consists of a diverse and knowledgable group of PADI certified dive instructors and trip hosts with experience diving the world's most exclusive dive sites and hosting trips at to the most exotic travel destinations on the planet!

Matt Cerezo

Trip Leader
PADI Assistant Instructor

Meet Matt

Matt first learned to dive in 2007, and joined the Ocean Enterprises Instructional Staff as a Divemaster in 2009, where he fell in love with the smell of wet neoprene and the camaraderie that divers share. Since then, he has logged over 1,000 dives and been involved with the training and certification of hundreds of divers of all levels, from Open Water to Divemaster. His journeys as a diver have led him to Malaysia, Honduras, Bonaire, The Cayman Islands, Hawaii, Florida and along he coast of California, as well as to lakes in New York, diving the continental divide in Iceland, rivers in Oregon, the Puget Sound, and sink holes in western Florida. When forced to wear regular clothes, Matt can be found working in the life sciences industry, where he spends his days dreaming of the next underwater adventure.

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