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10 New Year’s Resolutions to Become a Better Diver

Every year around this time a lot of people set many goals for the next year. “lose 20 pounds”, “get a new job”, “buy a house”, “get married”, and so on. But us divers are different! Our goals tend to revolve around diving, and there is nothing wrong with that!

Check out our list of 10 New Year’s Resolutions that can help you become a better, more diverse diver, dive buddy, and ocean lover in 2016!

  1. Do better with air consumption: Not only does this help you become a better diver and let you extend your dives, but it also helps your buddy as well so that they do not have to end their dive with 1,200 PSI left because you have already gone through your air. But how do you do this? Besides just diving more (ie practice), being more fit and having better overall health can certainly help you as you can better control your breathing rate. Want to hear some dive specific fitness tips and nutrition advice? Come to Ocean Enterprises on January 12, 2016 and sit in on a ScubaFit® Presentation.
  2. Check out a new local dive site: No matter if you live in a landlocked state with a few lakes or rivers nearby, on the coast in California, or on a warm exotic island somewhere, a lot of divers can become bored of diving the same sites over and over. Go check out somewhere new! Not sure of the new site? Contact your local dive shop for tips on different sites, or join a local dive club! Did you know that Ocean Enterprises has a dive club? Click Here to read more about it.
  3. Do a beach clean up: A lot of divers are also big ocean conservation enthusiasts. No one likes being in the middle of a beautiful dive, spotting something in the distance, then making your way over only to find out it is just a candy bar wrapper. Any coastal towns, or towns with beaches in general will usually have volunteer programs and scheduled events to help clean your local beach. Every little bit helps!
  4. Take a dive trip somewhere new: If you have the means to travel, by all means do it! Whether it is a quick 2 hour drive, a 2 hour flight, or even a 20 hour flight, check somewhere off of your bucket list! Our travel department has plenty of amazing trips scheduled for 2016 that you can join. Click Here to see a list of our upcoming trips. Don’t see the location you’re looking for? No problem! Contact Sherrie or Hayley in our travel department and they can help set up your own!
  5. Buy a new piece of dive gear, or upgrade something old: The dive industry is constantly progressing, which means all sorts of dive gear manufacturers are always coming out with the latest and greatest technology updates to their previous products. Treat yourself to something new! Or if you are still renting some pieces of equipment, a tank, a BCD, etc., why not get your own? Click Here to see what is new at Ocean Enterprises.
  6. Learn about a new local marine species: Are you ever diving locally, and see something new, or maybe something you have seen before, and wonder what it is? Or wonder why you always see them in the same area, or why they are moving the way the do? Educate yourself and learn about a new species! Then you can really impress your dive buddies when you complete your dive and you impart them with all of your knowledge of the Aplysia Californica you just saw (aka Sea Hare).
  7. Take a new specialty: Don’t limit what dives you can do because you don’t think you will ever be somewhere that it is necessary. You never know what opportunities will present themselves, and you don’t want to have to pass up a great dive trip just because you do not have the right credentials. Have you been fascinated with DPV’s (Diver Propulsion Vehicles) and wanted to try one? Take the class! Have you been wanting to check out the amazing Kelp Forrest’ that cover Southern California? Get your Kelp Diver Specialty! Click Here for a complete list of all of the classes offered at Ocean Enterprises.
  8. Get your gear serviced: Don’t risk being on a boat, gearing up, and then realizing you have a leaky hose and have to cancel your dive. Especially if you have not used your gear in an extended period of time, bring it into our Repair Department to have it serviced. Remember, dive gear will last a long time as long as you take care of it, so if you do not want to replace it all right away, keep on a regular service schedule.
  9. Buddy up with an excited new diver and show them the ropes: Do you remember how excited you were right after you received your Open Water Certification? There are new divers certified every day, and a lot of them have no idea what to do next, and may not have a buddy. You were there once, so check out a local dive club and help reassure a new diver that they made a great decision. Show them what you know!
  10. Buddy up with a more experienced diver and learn from them: Even the all-time greats in every sport or activity can always learn something new. Reach out and find a diver who is more experienced than you, especially in your local area, and invite them on a dive. You won’t believe some of the stories and possibly some of the new knowledge and tips you can learn!

This list is by no meals all possible “dive resolutions”, there are probably hundreds more! But hopefully these gave you some good ideas to help make 2016 an even better diving year than 2015 for you!

Happy New Years and Happy Diving!

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