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Ocean Enterprises Travel Coordinator Sherrie Burks, along with her husband Timm, fellow Ocean Enterprises trip leader took a group of adventurous travelers to Tanzania and Rwanda for a life changing experience!

No one could say it better than Sherrie, so here is what she had to say about the trip:
“A small group of us set off to East Africa this past November to trek to see the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda, followed by safari in Tanzania.

It is a 2 1/2 hour drive from the city of Kigali, Rwanda through the countryside up to Volcanoes National Par, a known haven for the Mountain Gorillas who live in the rain forest and bamboo covered mountains. The drive flies by because there is so much to see. The terrain is lush, and the hillsides are terraced with crops. The rural Rwandans are farmers that till and plant their fields by hand. Women in colorful garments can be seen at work in the fields, several with babies swaddled on their backs while they worked. We passed many locals walking to and from the market carrying their produce in bundles atop their heads, or tending their livestock by the roadside.

The trek in the rain forest is magical. When we first laid eyes on the gorillas, it takes your breath away! We watched as the family of about 20 were busy eating stalks of fresh bamboo for breakfast. The babies rolled around playfully with each other, and occasionally went to pick on their parents, who would grab them by the foot and rough house with them. What an unforgettable experience!

After Rwanda, we flew to Tanzania to begin our safari adventure. One of our camps was a tented camp perched high on a hillside. Below us we could watch groups of Cape Buffalo and Elephant mixed among the acacia trees. In the mornings before breakfast we enjoyed tea and coffee from our patio while we watched the sun rise.

In the Southern Serengeti we witnessed the beginning of the Wildebeest migration. Thousands of wildebeest were making their way south for the fresh green grass where they will pasture for the next several weeks. The herds of wildebeest, zebra, and impala attracted big cats, and we have many sightings of lion, leopards, and cheetah, along with hyena.

We spent Thanksgiving morning inside Ngorongoro Crater. We all agreed to get up early to head down into the park, and were glad we did, as we watched a large pride of lions go out for their morning hunt.

We finished our safari in Tarangire National Park, where we saw herds of hundreds of elephants with babies of all ages.

There were so many highlights, too many to mention here, but it was an amazing experience, and I think everyone is looking forward to returning!”

Many people may not know but the Ocean Enterprises Travel Department is more than just dive travel as you can see. We are Africa experts, and have many upcoming African safaris planned.

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