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Diving With Great White Sharks in Guadalupe

If you have ever thought about diving with Great White sharks, you do not have to travel across the world to do it; you can do it right in San Diego’s back yard!

Isla Guadalupe, about 150 miles offshore from Ensenada, BC Mexico is just a day trip away from Southern California!

Ocean Enterprises Travel trip leader Jodie Booras, along with 6 other enthusiastic travelers went aboard the Solmar V liveaboard to dive with the beautiful giants for three days and everyone couldn’t have been happier!

“The Guadalupe great white shark diving trip through Ocean Enterprises is the trip of a lifetime.” said one traveler, Steven Konecny.

The very simple travel for this trip started with meeting at a hotel in downtown San Diego where everyone boarded a luxury motor coach that took them directly to the harbor in Ensenada. Here, the Solmar V crew greeted everyone with open arms, exceptional food, and an amazing trip awaiting!

This trip included three days of diving with some of the biggest great whites in the world! The crew began chumming early in the morning, and usually not long after the sharks started showing up. As soon as they appeared, it seemed to be non-stop action through the entire day! Whether you are in one of the two surface cages (each of which hold four people), the submersible cage 30-feet down or on the deck you can see shark action from all different perspectives!

“While in the surface cage you got to see the up-close action from A-B of a great white ‘attack and bite’ as the bait was usually within 10 feet of the cage (check out the video below). In the submersible cage you got to see a different, calmer, more peaceful side of the sharks as they gracefully cruised all around (see picture to the right). Then from the sun deck, when your body forced you to take a break for food, you could see the sharks going for the bait at the surface cages and sometimes even partially breaching the water! It was incredible from every angle!” said trip leader Jodie Booras. “The constant great white action is a non-stop thrill ride that lasts the entire expedition” said Konecny.

Although it is beneficial to be a certified scuba diver for this trip as this allows you to go in the submersible cage, you do not need to be certified to go on this trip and go in the surface cages. All of the “diving” is done on surface supplied air by long hoses, so if you have someone you would love to experience this with but they are not certified, you can still do it!

Want to check this item off of your bucket list? Email Sherrie or Email Hayley in our travel department or call (858) 565-9474 Ext. 123 or 159 to book your trip today.

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