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Solmar V Liveaboard

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Socorro & Guadalupe Island, Mexico

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    About Solmar V Liveaboard

    The Solmar V is a true four-season liveaboard taking advantage of weather patterns to provide optimal diving year-round. The Solmar V crew pioneered their own dive destinations and are the most experienced liveaboard yacht in Mexico.

    From November through June, the Solmar V travels 250 miles south of Los Cabos into the eastern Pacific Ocean to the Revillagigedos Islands –  more commonly known as the Socorro Islands – to dance with giant pacific manta rays, play with bottlenose dolphins, swim with seven different species of sharks, drop into floating bait balls, encounter huge whale sharks and thrill to amazing interactions with the migrating humpback whales that visit these remote islands every year. This is wilderness big animal diving at its finest.

    After the yearly July visit to the boatyard for upgrades and maintenance, the Solmar V is based out of Ensenada, Mexico between August and October and follows the ultimate apex predator — the Great White shark — to Guadalupe Island, 180 miles offshore. Guadalupe has become the world’s best destination to cage-dive with Great White sharks. Known for it’s crystal clear water and large population of sharks, the conditions for shooting remarkable still images and video are excellent. Because the Solmar V uses surface supplied air instead of scuba tanks for the surface cages, you do not need to be a certified scuba diver to enjoy the rush of going eyeball to eyeball with a 16′ Great White shark. For certified divers, the Solmar V was the first to offer submersible cage diving for an incredible perspective from 30-40 feet.

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