Cocos Island

About Cocos Island

Cocos Island National Park is located in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. The island itself, “Isla del Coco”, also knows as “Treasure Island”, is the only landmark of the vast submarine Cocos Range.


Embarking on an expedition to Cocos Island is a journey into the heart of untouched natural wonder. This remote and uninhabited island, situated in the Pacific Ocean, beckons intrepid travelers with its promise of unparalleled marine biodiversity. Renowned as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cocos Island is a haven for divers seeking extraordinary encounters with hammerhead sharks, manta rays, and other pelagic wonders. The nutrient-rich currents surrounding the island create a thriving underwater ecosystem, drawing divers into a world of vibrant coral gardens and mesmerizing marine life. The lush, emerald landscapes above water add an extra layer of allure to this tropical paradise. Protected as a national park, Cocos Island is a sanctuary for wildlife enthusiasts, offering a rare opportunity to witness the harmony between terrestrial and marine ecosystems in a setting of extraordinary natural beauty.