Have piece of mind on your next trip.

When taking a trip internationally travel insurance is a must. Not only does it save you time and money should something happen with your reservations or while you’re abroad, it will keep your mind at ease throughout your trip.

Travel Insurance

Do I need travel insurance?

You may be asking yourself, “Do I really need travel insurance?” The answer is a resounding yes! We highly recommend travel insurance for all our clients. What it all comes down to is peace of mind, and the value of that should far outweigh any doubts you might have.

Why purchase travel insurance?

1.) Trip Cancellation or Interruption

Your trip may be non-refundable, and travel insurance can cover you in the event that you have to cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances.

2.) Travel Delays or Missed Connections

Travel Insurance covers expenses such as accommodations, meals, transportation expenses, and unused arrangements.

3.) Medical Expenses

It’s best to check with your medical insurance provider about your level of coverage while traveling. Even if your plan covers you, travel insurance can act as your secondary insurance and pay any additional costs.


4.) Emergency Assistance and Evacuation

Don’t risk the possibility of needing medical evacuation coverage and or having limitations on the dollar value. Remote medical evacuations typically cost at least $15,000 and are covered with travel insurance.

5.) Protect your Belongings

Travel insurance will protect your possessions from loss, theft or damage, or the need for emergency purchase of necessary personal effects if your baggage is delayed for more than 24 hours during your covered trip.

value of that should far outweigh any doubts you might have.

Travel Insurance Providers