Komodo is a great chance to enjoy all your favorite types of diving styles. Experience everything from exhilarating drift dives to treasure-hunting muck dive, shallow reefs to deep water sea mounts, coral gardens and fantastic wall dives to pinnacles and open ocean dives. Meet creatures great and small, from manta and mola to pygmies and nudis.

Although there is diving year-round in Komodo, the best period is considered to be April through November.


Embarking on a journey to Komodo is an expedition into a realm where prehistoric landscapes and extraordinary biodiversity collide. This Indonesian archipelago, consisting of Komodo, Rinca, and numerous smaller islands, is renowned for being the habitat of the iconic Komodo dragon—the world’s largest lizard. Beyond the famed dragons, Komodo National Park offers a mesmerizing mosaic of savannah, lush forests, and crystalline waters. Divers are drawn to the underwater wonders of the park, where vibrant coral reefs, schooling fish, and elusive marine creatures create an unparalleled underwater spectacle. Trekking across Komodo’s rugged terrain unveils panoramic views, while encounters with diverse wildlife, including wild deer and buffalo, add to the adventure. The park’s isolation and diverse ecosystems make Komodo a haven for nature enthusiasts, providing a unique opportunity to witness the intersection of untamed wilderness and underwater beauty in this UNESCO World Heritage site.