Palau features proudly in the world’s top 5 scuba diving destinations; The great variety of dive sites and seascapes, combined with the fantastic marine life, are key factors attributing to this. Blue Corner, German Channel, Peleliu Wall and Big Drop-Off are only a few of Palau’s famous sites.
With more than 1400 species of fish, 500 species of healthy coral and its large pelagic action, diving in Palau should be at the very top of anyone’s list. Whale sharks, eagle rays, turtles reef sharks and the occasional hammerhead are a few examples of the astonishing spectrum of marine life Palau has to offer.
Palau scuba diving is great year-round, however, the dry season which lasts from October to May is considered to be the best time to dive Palau.


Palau Travel Information

Palau remains one of our all-time favorite destinations, and we are always looking forward to returning to dive this world-class destination!

Palau is considered one of the most spectacular scuba diving destinations on earth, with over 60 amazing dive sites and visibility averaging around 30 meters. In addition to the now world-famous wrecks from World War II, there are a variety of stunning reefs, canyons, caves, drop offs and blue holes to get excited about. Due to strong currents, encounters with large sharks and mantas are the norm, and the amazing biodiversity of corals and smaller fish will top off your Palau diving experience.