Socorro Island

About Socorro Island

With the only way to see Socorro Island is by liveaboard, and only a handful of liveaboards making the trip, this may be the most uncrowded diving you will ever experience.  There is nowhere else in the world where giant manta rays and bottlenose dolphins swim right up to, and interact with, divers. Experience a one-of-a-kind encounter with these curious creatures. While mantas are the main reason to voyage out to Socorro, there are lots of other animals to see, including schooling hammerheads and silky sharks, plus 12 other species of sharks, bottlenose dolphins that consistently hang out with divers at certain dive sites, large schools of pelagic fish, and, in season, humpback whales.


Socorro Island Travel Information

Socorro Island is a small volcanic island in the Revillagigedo Islands, a Mexican possession lying some 600 kilometers off the country’s western coast. Socorro is known for it’s close encounter diving with Giant Mantas.