About Sulawesi

Sulawesi, an Indonesian island east of Borneo, comprises 4 peninsulas radiating from a mountainous center. It’s known for its coral reefs and famed dive sites, such as Bunaken Marine Park, the Togian Islands and Wakatobi Marine Park. Lembeh Strait is popular for muck diving.

Trips to Sulawesi

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Embarking on a journey to Sulawesi is an exploration of Indonesia’s diverse tapestry, where rich cultural heritage, unique landscapes, and vibrant marine life converge. The island, shaped like an orchid, unfolds a myriad of experiences for travelers. In the highlands of Tana Toraja, traditional villages reveal intricate funeral ceremonies and distinctive architectural styles, providing a glimpse into the local way of life. The underwater wonders of Bunaken National Marine Park near Manado beckon divers and snorkelers with its kaleidoscopic coral reefs and an abundance of marine species. Sulawesi’s capital, Makassar, narrates a tale of colonial history through its fortresses and bustling harbors. Nature enthusiasts are drawn to the mystic beauty of Lake Poso and the unique biodiversity of Tangkoko National Park. Sulawesi invites those seeking cultural immersion, biodiversity, and adventure to discover the richness that lies within this captivating Indonesian island.