About Tonga

Tonga is a Polynesian kingdom of more than 170 islands, many uninhabited, most lined in white beaches and coral reefs and covered with tropical rainforest. It’s home to the laid-back, rural capital of Nuku’alofa, as well as beach resorts, plantations and the Ha’amonga trilithon, a Stonehenge-like coral gate from the 1200s.

Trips to Tonga

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Embarking on a journey to Tonga is an invitation to experience the untamed beauty and warm hospitality of the South Pacific. Comprising over 170 islands, Tonga is a kingdom that embraces its cultural heritage amidst breathtaking landscapes. Snorkel in pristine coral gardens, where vibrant marine life dances beneath the clear waters, or witness the majestic humpback whales that migrate to these warm seas. The capital, Nuku’alofa, blends Tonga’s rich history with a lively local atmosphere, offering a glimpse into the kingdom’s royal traditions and vibrant markets. Tonga’s islands are adorned with white-sand beaches, dramatic cliffs, and lush tropical vegetation, creating an idyllic backdrop for exploration and relaxation. Whether basking in the tranquility of ‘Eua or engaging in cultural exchanges with friendly locals, a journey to Tonga promises an authentic Pacific experience where nature and tradition harmoniously coexist.