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Serengeti Safari Camp

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Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Serengeti Safari Camp Rooms

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      About Serengeti Safari Camp

      The Serengeti Safari Camp was the first of its kind. It was designed with a purpose in mind; to be in the best possible location to view the wildebeest migration as it covers hundreds of miles of the Serengeti National Park each year. So it should come as no surprise that it really hasn’t changed much since it’s early pioneering days.

      For a few months of the year the migration is on our doorstep at Lamai Serengeti. But of course the wildebeest move and this is what our Serengeti Safari Camp is all about – understanding the Serengeti seasons and game movements and mirroring them.

      Each year, this little camp casts off from Lamai Serengeti and begins its own odyssey. Covering hundreds of miles and moving every couple of months along a route that the herds have travelled for hundreds of years, Serengeti Safari Camp is where you come for your migration fix.

      Since the days in the early 90s when Mark and Milly Houldsworth sat down to design this little camp, it’s been much copied, but never equalled. We wanted our camp to be effortlessly comfortable – a home from home, where you wanted for nothing. But it’s never been about luxury for its own sake.

      From the outset our focus has been clear. We’re here to deliver a superlative experience of the extraordinary wildlife in this part of the world without damaging the environment that has so inspired us over the years.

      This is why we’ve always worked with the best guides and always kept our camps small, intimate and simple.

      Serengeti Safari Camp has just 6 open-plan walk-in meru tents, with an en-suite bathroom at the rear. One of these tents is a family tent with two bedrooms and an adjoining sitting area.

      New eco-flush toilets and safari-style bucket showers, as well as a wash-basin with cold running water, and hot water delivered as and when you’d like them.

      The main dining tent sits in the middle of the line of tents, with the fireplace right in front and a separate libary/bar tent nearby.

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