OET Meets Rwanda President

Kagame meets members of Chief Executives Organization. The New Times

By: James Karuhanga

President Paul Kagame on Saturday met with more than 30 American members of the Chief Executives Organisation at Urugwiro Village, who are keen on investing in the country.

The Chief Executives Organisation, the only independent graduate organization of YPO (formerly Young Presidents’ Organization) – a global network of young chief executives with approximately 24,000 members in more than 130 countries – is a global community of business leaders with unique connections and enduring relationships.

Shortly after the meeting, Werner Kurn, Founder and CEO of Ocean Enterprises – a five star scuba diving business in America – told journalists that the group is extremely honored to be visiting Rwanda.

Kurn said: “We love this country for very many reasons but mainly because the people are so kind and so welcoming and that brings many tourists from around the world, here. Our CEO group represents people from all over the world, not just America.”

“One of the main attractions that brought us here was ofcourse your gorillas, but beyond that that the incomparable hospitality in Rwanda. Our group travels alot we go to so many countries and Rwanda is just an incredible place. Everybody here is so kind and so inviting.

“Rwanda’s reputation for cleanliness and security continues to impress us, yet another appealing characteristic we found here. “

Rwanda continues to feature as one of the safest countries in the world, according to a new Gallup Global Law and Order report which ranked the prospering east African country 11th globally, and second on the continent, with more than 87 per cent of citizens saying that they feel safe and confident in the security organs.

Interested in business with Rwanda

Kurn said that in their discussions with the Head of State, their main interest was in doing business in Rwanda.

He added: “We are interested in business with Rwanda, and he [Kagame] explained to us, in many ways, why Rwanda is an incredible country to invest in.”

“The President shared with us specific ways on how we could, maybe, invest in Rwanda and build business here. And we are looking forward to that.”

Clare Akamanzi, the CEO of Rwanda Development Board (RDB), said that the visitors are here mainly to learn about where the country is coming from and its achievements.

Akamanzi said the visiting delegation comprises top executives who are doing business in various sectors including infrastructure, health, among others.

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