Palau – World Class Diving

In September 2016, Werner and Myra Kurn took the largest ever travel group to visit what is arguably one of the best diving locations in the world…Palau! 80 Ocean Enterprises Travel customers were extremely excited to head to Palau for either their first time, or as repeat visitors to this amazing archipelago.

Palau is an “island country” (approximately 250 islands), located in the Western Pacific, and for being such a small and remote location, it packs quite the punch! Not only is the action underwater nonstop, but there is plenty to do above the surface as well on the days where you decide to take a break from diving (or are forced to take a break, ie off-gas days).

In addition to the divers being treated to 5 days of 85 degree water and 100 ft.+ visibility, they were all lucky enough to have constant action and sea-life around them at all times. “Outstanding, best diving we have ever done!” said one traveler. The life that the divers expected to see were certainly out in full; Reef Sharks, Hawksbill and Green Sea Turtles, Clownfish, large schools of Barracuda, etc. Also spotted frequently were Tuna, Humphead Wrasse, Spotted Eagle Rays, Barramundi, free-swimming Remoras, and plenty more.

“I kept hearing from the day I got certified that Palau was the place to go, but I never could have imagined it would be what it was!”

Within the group of 80, there were actually about 10 non-divers who came along on this trip, and even they were not disappointed. Besides the relaxation of being on one of the nicest resorts in Micronesia, there was plenty of activities to keep the non-divers busy. Fish ‘n Fins, the dive operator used by Ocean Enterprises Travel, also provides many land-based and non-diving water activities. There were several snorkel trips while the divers explored a little deeper, off-road ATV tours through the jungle, and even kayaking tours through the iconic rock islands of Palau.

We have another trip to Palau in February of 2018 that does have some openings. You can see more about this trip Here.

If you would like to travel with us be sure to check out our full list of all of the upcoming group trips, or email Sherrie or email Hayley in our travel department to book your own personalized trip!

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